Welcome to Axxone Security Systems. Are you planning to make your home smart? Axxone Security Solutions is the best pick to make. When you are running a business or keeping expensive valuables at home, it is essential to take all necessary actions to ensure your enterprise and home is as secure as possible. You never know when your home will turn into the objective of burglars who could escape totally undetected with all that you have worked hard to acquire. Crime is on the ascent and a home break-in could never be anticipated. Axxone Security Solutions is the one-stop-shop solution for all your security requirement and needs. Remote surveillance enables you to watch your home at any hour of the day from anywhere. You can see the live feed from the remote surveillance cameras through an application on your smartphone. It can even alert you when individuals leave and enter your home – an incredible method to watch out your children whether you're on holiday or at work.

Home security systems are a great investment to make for your family. The right security system can protect your assets while saving your money. They ensure to give genuine serenity of mind and let you realize somebody will dependably be there in the event of any emergency. Ensure your family, yourself, makes life a little easier by adding a security system into your home.

Axxone has been providing its automation services for residential and commercial customers at affordable and top-notch cutting edge technology beyond any budget boundaries. Our every client is unique and every client requirement is unconventional.

Our team of highly experienced and expertise Engineers offers 24x7 assistance in structuring optimal security systems and provide value added services like consultancy, site evaluation, planning, audits and so forth. With a pool of certified engineers we are constantly available to provide our customers with prompt technical support, pre-sales and just a call away for providing any maintenance services. We strive to consistently provide affordable, best-in-class security systems solutions to our customers and also to be the customer's first and best choice for electronic security systems solutions. We offer our customers customized solutions which can be flawlessly incorporated to any area or business. We have long stretches of involvement in structuring and incorporating security systems for expansive establishments like clinics, manufacturing sites, Banks, City Surveillance, malls and many more. We give better specialized support to all our customers as a after sales support to make sure security systems keep on running smoothly. Depending on client's budget and security needs, our certified consultants can provide solutions improving upon the existing security systems

Smart Home

Smart Home technology refers to the controlling of electronic devices, appliances or systems that connect to a common network and been controlled through a smartphone. For example, your audio speakers, TVs, security cameras, locks, and many more are all connected into a network, which can be controlled from your smartphone or through a mobile touch screen device.

With the installation of appliances and devices in your home, such as mixer, microwave, and many more, you would now be able to completely control through an applications on your cell phone to from anywhere in the world. Did you leave your home and forgot to switch off the AC? And AC is still yet running at home while you're on an holiday? You can rapidly and effectively power off these appliances in seconds from the respective applications in your smartphone

There are no constraints to these apps that are launching in market almost every day. Engineers have made applications and devices to control home stereos, water usage, lighting, yard care, garage entryways, your puppy's nourishment dish, and even shopping for food - all effortlessly and promptly controlled by the phone you already have in your pocket.

Smart homes don't just simply enable us to turn away inadvertent house fires. These homes additionally enable us to keep our loved ones safe and sane. Security system installations enable home owners to always keep an eye on the comings and goings of visitors and alert you when suspicious action is detected. Doors can be bolted, security systems equipped, and cameras monitored from your phone, making a more secure and progressively secure condition for you and your family. For those of you with kids, or those are concerned about elderly guardians, these devices can make your life exponentially easy and give you significant mindful serenity. Timely cautions or alert can be sent to your phone when individuals from your family go out, and you can even monitor where they go after they leave. Smart homes are progressively turning into the most ideal choice that can both help support your home's security while making life a lot more advantageous.

Smart Control

Smart Control System is something of controlling of electronic devices that associated with a typical network system and been controlled through a cell phone. For instance, your sound speakers, TVs, surveillance cameras, locks, and a lot more are altogether associated into a system, which can be controlled from your cell phone.

A lighting control system will likewise make your home more vitality and energy effective. You never need to stress over lights being left on in unused rooms again. Draw up your cell phone to check if any lights were left on, turn them off regardless of whether you're not in a similar room. Axxone Security systems is one-stop-shop for all of your Smart Control Devices. We are a full service company providing design consultation, complete installation, system programming, and sale of equipment at competitive prices.

Smart Business

Security system have made considerable progress throughout the years. Technologies has added approaches to make systems progressively secure, coordinated, and valuable to the home or entrepreneur as well.

Business security systems are continually changing and advancing simply like threats to organizations are always showing signs of change and developing. You may not believe you're the sort of entrepreneur who needs a business security system, after all your business is in an area with low crime rates and you've never thought of yourself as a potential target. Keen business security system can profit pretty much every entrepreneur however.

Having a privately monitored alarm system not just implies that your security system will sound when your alarm is activated, it will likewise alert the respective authorities and specialists when an alert is stumbled. The all day, every day observing administration will know precisely where and when somebody was on your property and the police will be dispatched in merely minutes. Wherever you will be, you will likewise be alerted through phone call at whatever point suspicious movement is recognized.